1. Preview of INHOUSE Fashion Show~!

  2. April 2014 - Galway Magazine with Natalie B Coleman~

  4. Alexandra Rebmann

    Photography: Thomas Woland

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  6. Preview of an upcoming publication for Glassbook magazine.

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    Credits: Designer Jay Briggs, model Becki Adams, stylist Lucy Ansa-Addo, Photography - Fabio Esposito, photography assistant Marco Pantella, Hair-stylist Gaby Winwood and make-up Jennifer Parker.



    How can I get my makeup to last from ceremony to reception?  

    A: Pick long wearing products that don’t crease, fade or run. Don’t use facial oils, rich eye cream and slippery serums. Use a good primer suited to skin type. Studio Fix + is a good tool to refresh and zing your makeup throughout the day. The travel size is handy by MAC - £8.00. Lastly, when you’re applying your eye shadows and blushers,  build colour, you’ll get a more blended look that lasts.

    How do I touch up my makeup after a teary exchange of vows?     

    A: Blot, don’t rub. Use eye drops, if you’re eyes are red and a cotton bud should take away any mascara or eye liner that’s moved (which shouldn’t do, if you’re using waterproof products).  Waterproof eye - Liquidlast by MAC and Screenface do amazing waterproof mascaras!

    To correct the face, tap in more concealer to brighten the eyes and tone down redness around the mouth and nose with a full coverage Touch up Stick by Bobbi Brown - £18.00

    I think I want to do my own makeup for the wedding. Do you have any tips?

    A: Always allow enough time before the wedding, at least three hours, try makeup trials on yourself and have a friend snap some photos in various lighting.

    Why Can’t I wear SPF on the big day?

    A: The same ingredients that block the sun’s rays also reflect the camera’s flash.


    • To start I prepped the skin with Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Toner, Face and Eye cream.
    • After that, my first steps of the makeup, I used Bobbi Brown’s Foundations Stick (£27) which is yellow based, evening out the pink tones in the skin. (Sometimes flash photography emphasizes these tones). This is a great, full coverage foundation, for all skin types - expect very oily. With this product, I blended used three colours; one the exact match the skin, one two shades darker and one shade lighter, this product is so creamy and moveable (on moisturizer) it’s easy to use while contouring the face. Think: Where does your face need balancing? It could be the forehead, the chin, definitely cheek bones - maybe you want a rounder point to the nose. Add a little translucent powder, for this dewy and natural look you don’t want to lose the lovely, healthy look by thick powders sitting on the skin and enlarging pores for the camera.
    • As I use MAC brushes so much I blend with #224 and my beauty blender. (The blender is also great for bringing all of the shades together - wet the sponge first for this)
    • Then, after blending all together, I prepped the eyes with Painterly eyeshadow by MAC. I blend (with #224 brush) with Texture and Brun eyeshadow (mixing them together) focusing on socket, under the eye and a little by the inner nose. Bring this deeper on the eye lash line so it looks as though you’ve smudged a liner in (Avoid taking the darker shadow to close to the nose if your eyes are close together). Because of the close-set illusion this creates, I sprayed Studio Fix + on my brush with a gold eye shadow on a synthetic brush and blended it in the corner.
    • Eyebrows - Start by brushing them upwards. I used Lingering and Spiked brow pencil by MAC working the pencil on top and on bottom of the brows; and then combing them through. Combing them afterwards, does all of the work for you. Comb in short strokes. This will give you  a soft and untamed finish. Then,  I brushed them again, applied a tiny bit of gel to a  clean mascara wand and then wiped away the excess  with a cotton bud.
    • For MORE of a defined cheek - go over this area with Blunt blusher by MAC with a contouring brush - #109 (or even something angled).
    • MAC Zoom Lash mascara on the lashes for length and Smoulder by MAC inside the rim of the eye.
    • Spice lip-liner on the lips, coloured in over MAC Lip Conditioner and then blotted off.
    • To finish - Tom Ford Illuminating cream (from palette) to emphasize a healthy glow.